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Flag-Flying Puerto Rican Surfer Makes Most of Waves as Tropical Storm Karen Nears
Most - Tropical Storm Karen brought heavy rain and high winds as it skirted Puerto Rico on September 24. As the storm neared this surfer made the most of the unusually high waves raising the Puerto Rican flag while doing so. The surfer was seen at Malecon De N

Thousands of lightning strikes hit Washington State triggering delays power outages
Most - The state of Washington was rattled by an estimated 2 200 lightning strikes during a thunderstorm that triggered widespread power outages Saturday night the National Weather Service reported. Most of the strikes were recorded in the western area of the s

Mostra Convegno Expocomfort Milano 2020
Most -

'Unbelievable ' All-time record heat set to bake Alaska
Most - Think Alaska is always cold and snowy Think again. Most of the nation's biggest state is forecast to bake under record-breaking heat over the next few days.

- might thunderstorms steal the fireworks show on the 4th of July
Most - As millions of Americans gear up for picnics a day at the beach and fireworks viewings there will be some trouble spots in terms of thunderstorm activity as there often are on Independence Day. The most active zones for thunderstorms will generally be a

Agency predicts heavy wildfire season along West Coast
Most - Most of the -ry can expect a normal wildfire season but residents along the West Coast of the United States should be ready for another busy season the National Interagency Fire Center said Wednesday. California experienced its deadliest and largest wild

50 Most Dangerous Volcanoes in America
Most - While most people do not live in close proximity to an active volcano those who do must live with the lingering threat of eruption.

States With the Most Tornadoes
Most - Some people know of tornadoes only through movies and news reports.

February's Most Stunning Satellite Images
Most - Photos - above the Earth this month.

Most expensive climate disasters in recent decades
Most - Stacker has ranked the most expensive climate disasters by the billions since 1980 by total cost of all damages adjusted for inflation. Data were used - the National Centers for Environmental Information -NCEI- and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Ad

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