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Ryby 2018
Velký Rybník -

na silnici 36211 u obce Louka okres Blansko Nehody
Blansko -,-607366,-1122556,-1122557

Flake news Could man-made snow stop global warming
Pila - Piling billions of tons of man-made snow on top of the West Antarctic ice sheet could prevent it - melting and collapsing into the sea study says.

A flood forced this town to move. It could be a model for others impacted by climate change
Val - A catastrophic flood 25 years ago forced the town of Valmeyer Illinois to move to higher ground. As flooding increases in the Midwest due to climate change there's new interest in their relocation.

Valach Open pro NK Climax a Neboj sa
Val -

Prague Horror Cave
Hory -

TJ Orel
Orel -

na silnici 408 v obci Valtrovice okres Znojmo Nehody
Valtrovice -,-631308,-1201794,-1201795

Policie Modrava - TV Nova
Modrava -

Most of Tropical Storm Barry's rain yet to hit Louisiana
Kamenný Most - Tropical Storm Barry progresses slowly towards Louisiana bringing heavy rains and the possibility of tornadoes.

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