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Early spring snow to blanket Colorado Wyoming
Val - The same storm poised to unleash severe weather over the Mississippi Valley late this week will have a cold side and unload snow over portions of the central Rockies and adjacent High Plains. For snow to accumulate on roads during late March it must fall

Strong storms will move into the Tennessee Valley
Val - Storms capable of producing strong winds hail and isolated tornadoes will shift east towards the Tennessee Valley region - there is also a risk for flash flooding. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has been tracking and has the details.

A reminder to drive safe in the rain
Val - There was a 13 vehicle accident near San Diego California on Carmel Valley Road due to the heavy rain that fell on March 10.

Will wet weather erase the April-like conditions across the Northeast this week
Val - A storm will replace the sunny conditions in the Northeast with wet weather but how will the recent mild conditions endure The same storm spreading wet weather across the center of the -ry and into the Midwest on Monday will move through the Ohio Valley

Valley pummeled with rain Diamondbacks' first spring training game canceled
Val - The watch is in effect - 5 a.m. through 11 a.m. Saturday for metro Phoenix. Watch for flooded roads debris on roads and fast rises in washes.

1st large storm of 2020 has wintry tricks up its sleeve for Midwest Northeast
Val - As the new year gets underway forecasters say a robust storm will deliver rain to areas - New England to the Appalachians the Ohio Valley and the lower Great Lakes region to end this week. But forecasters say the first large storm of 2020 will eventual

Firefighters Defend Property From Paddock Run Fire North of Sydney
Val - Firefighters fought to protect a property in the Howes Valley that came under threat - the Paddock Run Fire on December 4. Fire authorities issued a Watch and Act warning on December 3 warning residents of Howes Valley and Reedy Creek to monitor conditio

A slow look at some monster flakes
Val - Gigantic snow flakes hit Lockwood Valley California on Nov. 20 covering the ground in snow.

Ski season begins at Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows
Val - Excited skiers and snowboarders in Olympic Valley California began lining up two hours before first chair on Nov. 15. This is the second earliest that Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has opened in the last 10 years.

US apple farmers endure major crop and profit losses as climate changes
Val - Climate change is posing an existential threat to the precarious lives of farmers across the -ry. "We've seen such dramatic frightening crop losses " says Elizabeth Ryan a longtime farmer in Hudson Valley New York.

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