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More storms aim for Northeast before cooldown begins
Val - The same cool front - Wednesday over the Midwest will shift eastward and produce heavy gusty and locally severe storms - the St. Lawrence Valley to part of the Ohio Valley on Thursday.

Phoenix reaches 115 degrees breaking record as Valley storms form
Val - The 115 degree mark matched the hottest day so far in 2019 as storms are building to the north and east of Phoenix the National Weather Service said.

Threat for dangerous weather ramps back in central northern Plains
Val - Residents - the eastern slopes of the Rockies and High Plains to part of the Mississippi Valley should brace for multiple rounds of showers and drenching thunderstorms into the weekend

'Large bird' sparks 156-acre fire in Chino Hills California
Val - Fire officials report that a fire was started when 'a large bird' caught fire on a power line then fell into the dry grass below in Chino Hills California on Sunday. The Chino Valley Independent Fire District first reported a 50-acre veg

A flood forced this town to move. It could be a model for others impacted by climate change
Val - A catastrophic flood 25 years ago forced the town of Valmeyer Illinois to move to higher ground. As flooding increases in the Midwest due to climate change there's new interest in their relocation.

Biggest earthquake in 20 years rocks Southern California aftershocks expected
Val - The quake's epicenter was near Searles Valley in the Mojave Desert.

Thunderstorms with history of damaging winds barrel into Chicago area
Val - A stormy pattern will persist across the north-central United States with more severe weather expected as the weekend comes to a close. Hot humid air centered over the nation's midsection will continue to provide fuel for violent thunderstorms to

Bulk of early week storms to miss southeastern US drought areas
Val - Showers and thunderstorms dampening the Tennessee Valley and Florida Peninsula through early week will largely miss the drought areas of the Southeast.

Stormy weather to jeopardize Father's Day weekend plans in Northeast Ohio Valley
Val - Outdoor plans and sporting events will be in jeopardy as lightning risks and downpours spread - the Ohio Valley to the Northeast into next week.

Tropical downpours to unleash 12 inches over flood-weary south-central US
Val - The combination of a slow-moving non-tropical storm and a weak tropical disturbance loaded with moisture will unleash torrential rain and raise new concerns for flooding over the south-central United States into this weekend. Moisture was already streamin

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