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Hundreds at Coney Island Polar Bear plunge
Poleň - By the standards of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club it was practically a day at the beach for participants in the annual New Year's Day dip in the ocean off New York City. -Jan. 1-

Polar vortex could rear its ugly head soon
Poleň - The polar vortex could be making a return engagement to the U.S. sometime later this month or in January.

More protection UN says Earth's ozone layer is healing
Poleň - A new United Nations report says Earth's protective ozone layer is healing. So is the gaping ozone hole over the South Pole. The ozone layer protects life - harmful ultraviolet rays. Experts credit a 1987 treaty that banned ozone-depleting chemica

Both Poles Are Having a Weird Bad Year For Sea Ice So Far
Poleň - As Americans were donning green shirts and tossing back pints of Guinness the Arctic was limping toward its annual wintertime sea ice maximum. According to data released Friday by the National Snow and Ice Data Center it was the second-lowest annual max

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