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HandMade workshop

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Hledte kolen na vysokozdvin vozky? Beclav, Brno, Olomouc, Pardubice, esk Budjovice, ...

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HandMade workshop

    Vyrbte? Tvote? Mte malou domc dlnu? Zaregistrujte se zdarma na HANNDE.com a prodvejte.

kolen VZV

Hledte kolen na vysokozdvin vozky? Beclav, Brno, Olomouc, Pardubice, esk Budjovice, ...

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Valum PRO s.r.o.



Bulk of early week storms to miss southeastern US drought areas

Showers and thunderstorms dampening the Tennessee Valley and Florida Peninsula through early week will largely miss the drought areas of the Southeast. ...



Stormy weather to jeopardize Father's Day weekend plans in Northeast Ohio Valley

Outdoor plans and sporting events will be in jeopardy as lightning risks and downpours spread - the Ohio Valley to the Northeast into next week. ...


Mississippi River -ping below flood stage in Iowa

The Mississippi River is -ping below flood stage along many of Iowa's riverfront cities after nearly three months of record highs caused by melting snow and torrential rain. The National Weath ...


Biotop Jemnice




Motosraz Valtice

15. 6. 2019 ...

Kamenn Most

Testing shows these waves are sick in totally the wrong way

Most surfers know it's best to avoid surfing near pipes that dump storm water into the ocean soon after a storm due to the increased chance of getting sick - bacteria.  ...


"Wall of dirt" moves across Lubbock Texas

Strong winds have kicked up a dust storm in parts of West Texas. Forecasters blamed strong thunderstorms northwest of Lubbock for producing an outflow that lifted considerable amounts of dust on Wedne ...


Tropical downpours to unleash 12 inches over flood-weary south-central US

The combination of a slow-moving non-tropical storm and a weak tropical disturbance loaded with moisture will unleash torrential rain and raise new concerns for flooding over the south-central United ...





Damaging storms to spread - central US to Ohio Valley mid-Atlantic into midweek

After yet another day of severe weather in the central United States dangerous storms will then shift into the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic on Wednesday. ...


Duben 2019



Montana man drowns in eastern Missouri lake

Authorities say a 57-year-old Montana man has drowned in an eastern Missouri lake - water levels have been high because of recent rains. The Missouri Highway Patrol's Water Division identified ...


ECTS Conference Prague 2019

The Ministry of Education Youth and Sports and The Centre for International Cooperation in Education -DZS- are organizing an international conference on ECTS and the implementation of credit systems ...


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