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Bhaov, Biny, Bezdkov, Blsko, Bohumilice, Bohunice, Boleiny, Boice, Beany, Budtice, Budkov, Buk, Bukovnk, Buanovice, epovice, estice, ha, mice, kyn, Dlaov, Dobrn, Dolany, Domoraz, Drachkov, Drov, Draovice, Drouetice, Drslavice, Den, Dub, Dvory, Frymburk, Hejn, Hlupn, Hnaov, Horaovice, Horn Po, Hoslovice, Hotice, Hrdek, Hradeice, Husinec, Chlistov, Chlumany, Chroboly, Janovice nad hlavou, Javor, Jinn, Kalenice, Katovice, Kejnice, Kladruby, Klenov, Kolinec, Krajnko, Kraselov, Kratun, Krejnice, Krty-Hradec, Kti, Kuimany, Kvskovice, Lait, Lovice, Lhenice, Libtice, Lipovice, Litochovice, Lomec, Malenice, Mal Bor, Meichov, Mkynec, Miovice, Milejovice, Miloovice, Mnichov, Mochtn, Mokrosuky, Mutnice, Myslovice, Nebahovy, Nebehovice, Nmice, Nmtice, Nezamyslice, Nihoovice, Niovice, Nov Ves, Nov Ves, Novosedly, Obytce, Osek, Ostetice, Paejov, Paraov, Pnov, Plnice, Podmokly, Pole, Pracejovice, Prachatice, Pedn Zborovice, Pedslavice, Pechovice, Peovice, Rab, Radhostice, Radoovice, Rovn, epice, Skly, Slank, Sobice, Sousedovice, Strakonice, Straice, Stran, Strunkovice nad Blanic, Strunkovice nad Volykou, Stelsk Hotice, Suice, Svat Ma, Svradice, tchovice, umavsk Hotice, Tovice, Tebohostice, Teovice, Tuice, Tvrzice, Tnec, jezd u Plnice, jezdec, lehle, Vacov, Vacovice, Velhartice, Velk Hydice, Velk Bor, Vitjovice, Vlachovo Bez, Volenice, Volyn, Vrbice, Vrhave, Zbrd, Zahorice, Zlezly, Zavlekov, Zborovy, Zvotoky, rovn, ernovice, ihobce, ichovice

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Seznam regin a obc, vetn vtiny dostupnch dat. Pro vybranou lokalitu je mon vloit ZDARMA odkaz na ubytovac a/nebo kulturn zazen. Tento odkaz se bude tak zobrazovat na partnerskm serveru OBECNI.info

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Polar vortex may have killed a significant amount of harmful invasive insect species

The polar vortex plunged into the midwestern and northeastern United States at the end of January shattering numerous daily records and even toppling a few all-time cold records.  ...


Polar vortex may kill most of these invasive insects in Wisconsin

The bitter cold temperatures that gripped Wisconsin this week could also have a chilling effect on an invasive insect species that threatens the state's ash trees according to recent findings ...



Weather Experiment Makes Hair Stand On Ends As Polar Vortex Grips Iowa

Taylor Scallon shared a video on Twitter about what happened when she went outside on Jan. 30. ...


Photos Polar vortex delivers record-breaking cold

Two-thirds of the continental United States turns into a frozen ice box as the so-called polar vortex of frigid arctic air spins across the U.S. Midwest. ...


Polar vortex by the numbers 6 states in US record temperatures lower than South Pole

Records are being shattered and communities are enduring the harshest cold in years as the polar vortex tightens its grip on the midwestern United States.  ...



Polar vortex to inflict dangerous cold on midwestern northeastern US to end January

The colder air plunging back into midwestern and northeastern United States late this week will pale in comparison to the brutal cold expected to end January as the polar vortex plunges south.&amp ...


Hundreds at Coney Island Polar Bear plunge

By the standards of the Coney Island Polar Bear Club it was practically a day at the beach for participants in the annual New Year's Day dip in the ocean off New York City. -Jan. 1- ...


Polar vortex could rear its ugly head soon

The polar vortex could be making a return engagement to the U.S. sometime later this month or in January. ...


Northern California fire death toll climbs to 86

Authorities in Northern California say the death toll - a destructive wildfire has decimated the town of Paradise has climbed - 85 to 86. The Butte County Sheriff's office said Tuesday that La ...





Camp Fire Death toll of 42 expected to rise as fire grows to 125 000 acres

The deadly Camp Fire in Butte County has killed at least 42 people and grew another 8 000 acres overnight to burn nearly 600 more structures by Tuesday officials said.  ...


More protection UN says Earth's ozone layer is healing

A new United Nations report says Earth's protective ozone layer is healing. So is the gaping ozone hole over the South Pole. The ozone layer protects life - harmful ultraviolet rays. Experts c ...


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