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Seznam regin a obc, vetn vtiny dostupnch dat. Pro vybranou lokalitu je mon vloit ZDARMA odkaz na ubytovac a/nebo kulturn zazen. Tento odkaz se bude tak zobrazovat na partnerskm serveru OBECNI.info

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HandMade workshop

    Vyrbte? Tvote? Mte malou domc dlnu? Zaregistrujte se zdarma na HANNDE.com a prodvejte.

kolen VZV

Hledte kolen na vysokozdvin vozky? Beclav, Brno, Olomouc, Pardubice, esk Budjovice, ...

Aktuality & Novinky


Spain walloped by monster waves heavy snow and flooding - Storm Gloria

Storm Gloria unleashed fierce winds flooding rainfall and phenomenal waves on Spain's southern and eastern coastline - Sunday into Wednesday. Some of the locations that were hit the hardest b ...


Star Petn

As Temperatures Dip Tonight Take Steps To Protect Your Home Pets & Plants

It's gonna get really chilly tonight and you may want to take some precautions to protect your home pets and plants. ...


Students return to class after tornado destroys school

Students at Hope Baptist Church and School returned to class five weeks after an EF-3 tornado destroyed their classrooms in Alexandria Louisiana. ...



Major winter storm strikes Midwest Northeast

Paula Beth James 68 was rescued Wednesday after a Butte County Sheriff's Office helicopter spotted a Toyota 4Runner covered in snow. ...


Burst of snow to hit Great Lakes New England

Following the midweek snow a bigger storm could develop and reach the Northeast late this week. ...


Autodrom Most


Svat Jan pod Skalou

So much for winter Boston reaches 70s for 2nd day in a row

A wave of warm air moving through New England created unprecedented high temperatures this weekend including the warmest January day in recorded history for the city of Boston. According to the Natio ...

Svat Jan pod Skalou

70 degrees in Boston A unusually warm day is a hint of spring in January

Boston broke a temperature record for Jan. 11 and may do it again Sunday with temperatures expected to remain balmy. Clouds wind and morning rain also are in the forecast. ...

Svat Jan pod Skalou

How much snow fell in Rhode Island Jan. 7-8 2020

Most cities and towns in the Ocean State saw less than one inch of accumulation. ...


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